Feedback flow

The feedback feature is valuable if you want to figure out what your candidates think about their experience in the chatbot. Feedback can be triggered after, a customizable, idle time. Idle time starts at the moment the system can recognize that the user/candidate is no longer actively speaking to the chatbot.

Feedback can be configured. If you request feedback after idle time, we recommend asking the user first if they want to provide it to avoid false-negatives. Then you are free to choose other questions. Here is a sample feedback flow:

  • Would you like to provide us some feedback? Suggested responses: Yes and No

    • If No is chosen, the user escapes the flow.

    • If Yes, the user can get one those type of questions (order can vary):

      • Usefulness e.g. Did you find this experience helpful?

      • Recommendation to colleagues e.g. Would you recommend this chatbot to your friends or colleagues?

      • Free text feedback e.g. What did you like about this experience? How could we improve it? (user has the option to “Skip” this step).


If you have an Application flow, your candidates can also access a feedback flow once they complete and send their application:


Common questions:

  1. Are copies of those feedback questions customizable?
    Yes, they are, and so are the suggested answers.

  2. Can I send a prompt for feedback only after the application?
    Yes, this option can be enabled

We do not recommend setting up short idle time in app-based chatbots like WhatsApp. In a case of a web-based solution, you may consider shorter idle time so you can get some feedback before the user leaves your website (if the user comes back to your website they will get a notification with a prompt for feedback if they left before they got it last time).