WebMessenger Chatbot

Check this overview to see the main differences between platforms.

The WebMessenger platform allows you to implement your chatbots on your website using a short snippet (code) that you have to include in the Head section of your website and in the Body section of the page(s) where the chatbot is supposed to be located. You can see a sample of this code here:

Keep in mind that this code does not have an appID so you will not be able to render it on your end.

Possible customizations

For full technical details please download our WebMessenger Customization Guideline:

  1. jobpal-controlled adjustments:
    There are a few elements that we are able to change only from the level of our dashboard:

    1. Logo/avatar of the chatbot (provide the image in .jpg or .png format, 200px x 200px at least),

    2. Chatbot name,

    3. Interface colors (for more details see the guideline),

    4. Display Style (Horizontal Tab or Floating Button/Logo)


  2. Changes you can make:
    Without heavily rebuilding the interface you can make small changes in the provided code to improve the user experience. You can:

    1. Turn off sound notification (for incoming new message)

    2. Add background image (by default there is none)

    3. Fix the intro (space with chatbot name, logo, and introduction text)

    4. Adjust or replace the copy of the header and introduction text:

      1 2 headerText: "How can I help you?", introductionText: "Don't hesitate to contact us",



    5. Disable the file upload button by changing this value to false

      1 fileUpload: true,



    6. And much more! Check the guideline or ask your Implementation Manager.

  3. Take over and build your own custom experience
    With the embedded mode you can disable the auto-rendering mechanism and build a custom interface of your chatbot. You will find details on how to enable this mode in the WebMessenger Customization Guideline.