WhatsApp Chatbot

Check this overview to see the main differences between platforms.

WhatsApp allows you to implement a text-based chatbot. To set up a chatbot on WhatsApp, we will need a phone number and WhatsApp API license.

Phone number

  1. If you have already a phone number…

    1. …and it was already used on WhatsApp: (Private or Business)
      You will need to complete this process to migrate the phone number and delete the WhatsApp account associated with that phone number. After that, we can start the license application process. If the number is currently being used, to avoid any downtime, we can start the process and coordinate the date where the number can be switched to the WhatsApp API

    2. …and it was never used on WhatsApp:
      During the license application process, you will need to provide us with an activation code that WhatsApp will send to your number, so you will have to have access to either SMS or voicemail of that phone number.

  2. If you do not have a phone number yet:
    We are able to provide you with a localized phone number. Keep in mind that due to some country-specific legal limitations, this option may be limited. Please check with your Account Executive or Implementation Manager if localization for your country is available.

WhatsApp API license

Keep in mind that your company needs to meet WhatsApp Commerce Policy guidelines to be allowed to operate on the app.

Once we have a phone number that can be used or moved to WhatsApp API, we can start the license application process. This is the information we will need from you to complete it:

  1. Full company name (for example: jobpal Ltd.)

  2. Company address
    Please provide full address: street, number, postcode, city, and country.

  3. Company’s point of contact
    This person must be employed by the company. They will receive confirmation of the WhatsApp API license activation.

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Email

    4. Phone number

  4. WhatsApp information

    1. Customer Facebook Business Manager ID
      This number can be found in the "Business Info" section of your Facebook Business Manager Dashboard

    2. Desired Phone Number

    3. Name associated with the number
      This is the name that's displayed when your message appears in your users' apps. It cannot be changed or edited later.

    4. Data storage region. Choose between the United States and the European Union. Once WhatsApp Business API has been activated in one region, it cannot be migrated to another region.

If the phone number belongs to you, we will coordinate the activation process. Once we apply for the license, we will be asked for the code immediately, and we will need you to provide it within 15 minutes.

WhatsApp Chatbot integration

Keep in mind that WhatsApp does not allow the chatbot to send a proactive message so your users will need to make the first move and establish the connection with the chatbot. They can send a pre-filled message, or any other message, to do so.

Since WhatsApp chatbots cannot be directly accessed from the web (unlike with WebMessenger or Facebook Messenger) there are other ways you can make sure that your users will find your chatbot:

  1. Click-to-Chat links
    WhatsApp allows you to lead your users to the app or the web version of your WhatsApp-based chatbot with Click-to-Chat links. You can pre-fill this link with any content to make sure that a particular message shows up as the suggested first message for your users to just click on, and trigger the conversation. There are several online tools that allow you to easily generate these links. Here is one of our favorites.

  2. QR codes
    You can create QR codes that your users will be able to scan on your website, posters, social media posts, and so on. Those QR codes should work both with standard scanning apps (on Android and iOS devices) and with WhatsApp’s own scanning feature.

Deeplinking and Tracking on WhatsApp

Due to WhatsApp limitations, we are not able to pass deeplinking triggers or tracking information in the background. To make sure that you track properly your applicants or deeplink them into the job carousel or application process, make sure that all the components are present in the Click-to-Chat links.