Campaign tracking

Campaign source tracking allows you to track where your candidates are coming from by using the industry-standard source / medium / campaign information.

On which platform is campaign tracking available?

Campaign tracking itself works on every platform - but requires platform-dependent message pre-population for best results. You can learn more about message pre-population in the “How to pre-populate user message?” section of this page.

Please note: campaign tracking works the best with message pre-population, which is a platform-dependent feature, and as such might not be supported on some platforms. Please check the platform comparison for details.

How does campaign tracking work?

We support three campaign tracking parameters:

  • Source - typically the location (like a particular website or a physical location) where the candidate was acquired

  • Medium - typically the medium of the marketing campaign (like “email” or “QRcode”)

  • Campaign - typically the name of the marketing campaign (like “SpringSale”)

Although candidates can be best tracked if all the three parameters are present, it’s not mandatory to send values for each parameter.

At the beginning of the chatbot conversation, a value for each of the parameters above should be sent to our system via an in-chat message. The parameter must be passed to the chatbot in the following format:

  • Source - #src:value: where “value” is the source parameter’s value. Example: #src:LinkedIn:

  • Medium - #med:value: where “value” is the medium parameter’s value. Example: #med:QR:

  • Campaign - #cpg:value: where “value” is the campaign name. Example: #cpg:springSale:

If any of the above parameters appear in the chatbot conversation, they will be stored and associated with applications.

The campaign tracking information (if present) can be seen on every application on the applications page of the jobpal dashboard.

In case of an ATS connection, the campaign tracking data can be sent to the ATS along with other application-related information. Please consult with your jobpal account or implementation manager to set up campaign tracking information forwarding to your ATS.

If a candidate gets redirected to your website (because there’s no application flow enabled in your bot), the collected campaign tracking parameters will be appended to the “Apply now” and “More info” links in the job carousel using the industry-standard parameter naming convention:

  • utm_source for source

  • utm_medium for medium

  • utm_campaign for campaign

How to pre-populate the user message?

In order campaign tracking to work, the control command words must be sent in the conversation by the candidate. Message pre-population is a method that fills the chatbot conversation with a set message (in our case the campaign tracking commands). With the use of message pre-population, the effort on the candidate’s side is reduced to a single button press.

To make campaign tracking user friendly, any human readable text can be added to them. Examples:

  • Please send this message to know more about us! #src:LinkedIn:

  • Please send #src:website: to meet Pamela, our chatbot!

Message pre-population is a platform specific method:


Add the following code to the jobpal chatbot snippet implemented on your website, right after the invocation of the JobPal.init() function:



Whatsapp has a technique to create links that pre-populate chat messages - please find the documentation here. Note: as described in the documentation, the message in the resulting link must be URL encoded. You might want to use this tool to create a properly encoded Whatsapp link.

The created link can be used on a website (to redirect your users to Whatsapp) or using a QR code generator can be converted into a QR code and used in print media.


You can create web links that pre-populate sms messages on mobile devices, using the following format

<a href="sms:+123456789&body=tracking_message">Click here to apply!</a>


  • +123456789 is the phone number to send the SMS to

  • tracking_message is the URL encoded message to be sent

The link created this way, can be used on mobile websites or can be turned into a QR code using the URL to QR code converter tool. Or if you prefer, you can create the QR code directly with this tool.

Please contact your jobpal account representative in case you need support setting up campaign tracking.

Combining deeplinking with campaign tracking

Deeplinking and campaign tracking use the same method to pass parameters to the chatbot. Thus, these features can be combined by adding campaign tracking commands to a deeplink. Example:

Please send this message to apply for the Designer lead position! #ref_ext_apply:12345: #src:QR: #med:whatsapp: #cpg:newdawn:

You can read more on deeplinking here.