Application flow

When candidates finish job discovery process can choose a position they are interested in. They start the application process by clicking Apply Now under a specific job position in the job carousel. You can choose to send the candidates to a web page where they continue with their application or you can also let them apply directly in the chatbot.



In the case of in-chatbot application, candidates are then asked several standard questions about their full name and e-mail. You can also decide to request a CV (as an upload or a link to for e.g. GitHub, Xing or LinkedIn).

In addition, you can set up job-specific questions on the job openings page of the dashboard or, if you have integrated your jobfeed with our system, you can pass those questions from your ATS (keep in mind that this requires some extra effort on our end!). Those questions can also come with some pre-defined suggestions and then be displayed in the chatbot as possible answers to the question.

Application summary

At the end of the application process, candidates will be able to review their application, edit their answers if necessary, and send it to the system. If you have full integration, we will pass this application to your ATS.  

  • When a user will choose to edit an entry they will be asked the chosen question again and will be able to provide a different answer. Once they do that - a full application summary with the improved answer will be displayed.

  • When user will choose “Send application“ they will receive a notification that the application was sent and they will see an option to provide (configurable) feedback, ask a question or keep looking (and applying) for other jobs.

If your chatbot is built on a text-based platform like WhatsApp or WeChat, take look at our article about the specifics of text-based chatbots.

Common questions:

  1. Can we set up validations for the answers?
    We have a few standard validations available (for a valid date, e-mail address, full name) but you can discuss with your Implementation Manager in more depth about the possibilities.

  2. Can we disable/enable full name and e-mail validation?
    Yes, we can enable or disable those validations. If enabled, the user will need to provide first and last name and also a valid email address.

  3. Can I require data privacy consent before the start of the application?
    Yes, we can enable this feature for you during the implementation stage.

  4. Can the CV upload step be skipped or made mandatory?
    Yes, we can control if this step should be mandatory or not.