Job Discovery Flow

The job discovery feature makes the current open positions available to the candidates. In this flow, the candidate will answer a few questions like “In which city are you looking for a job?”. Currently, we support job discovery based on the job’s location (city, country), seniority level, category, and type. You can decide on the questions and their order. This information must be available for each job offer in your ATS or jobfeed if you use one. On the basis of the candidate´s answers, the available jobs will be filtered and shown. The candidate can answer these questions either by clicking on quick reply buttons or type in an answer. Chatbot will show only options that will provide at least one result so do not worry about zero results search. If the last step of the search will give you just one option, it will be skipped by the chatbot and will lead the user straight to the job carousel


The user can also access the job discovery by writing or clicking “start job search” in the welcome message or writing for e.g. “I want a <job title> in <city or location> ”. Our engine can recognize Job Search intent and, once it does that, also Job Type and Location intent:



At the end of the discovery process, we show the applicable jobs in a job carousel. In case there are no open positions matching the criteria, the candidate is searching for, there is also the subscription functionality where the candidate will be given a chance to subscribe to job positions.

Common questions:

  1. Is there a limit of visible suggestions (e.g. visible cities) in the search?
    Yes, the default is 10 but it can be decreased or increased. Platform limitations apply.

  2. Can some questions be skipped if there is just one option possible? (e.g. just one city available)
    Only last question, if it has just one option available, may be skipped.

  3. Is there a way that no results will be shown after job search?
    No, there will always be at least one job offer we will be able to show to the user.