Delayed answers from the chatbot

When a question was not answered automatically by the chatbot, user will receive a message from the chatbot that it does not have an answer to this question yet (check for more information). Dashboard account holders who enabled notifications in their will get immediately an email that there is a pending question in the dashboard.

Once you train the question (attach a category to it) or provide a direct answer for it, your user will receive a response in a matter of minutes (if they are already inactive for some time, meaning they are not proactively interacting with the chatbot).



Delayed answers on different platforms

Depending on the chosen platform, your users may need to go back to the page where the chatbot is located. Usually, platforms have some time limit for automatic interactions meaning, after certain inactivity time, they will not allow the chatbot to pass the response to the user. Please see below an overview of those limitations:


Time Limit

How user can get receive a response back?


Time Limit

How user can get receive a response back?



The user has to come back to the website where the chatbot is located.



Response provided in the WhatsApp app.



User will get a response in the Messenger app (if they were logged in to their Facebook account while chatting) or when they are back on your website (if they accessed chatbot as “Guests“).



Response provided in the WeChat app.

For a full overview of our four main platforms go here:

When the user will not get an answer back?

There are few scenarios when, even though you have provided a delayed response, your user will not get an answer back:

  1. There was already an automatic answer provided to that question (chatbot does not correct itself).

  2. The platform time limit was exceeded and the chatbot has sent the message but the platform did not accept it.

Common questions:

  1. Why chatbot will not correct itself and why should I approve those questions if it cannot?
    In the case that chatbot has already provided an automatic response we do not allow the chatbot to correct itself, so even if you provide a different category for the question or answer directly, it will not have an effect on the user. We have done so to make sure that any changes to the already trained questions will not have any ill effect on the UX (imagine getting several corrections to the same question or correction to a question you have asked 2 months ago that was just now shifted to a new category). Why approving those questions into new categories is still important? All future similar questions will be getting the correct response and this way you are teaching the chatbot how to behave from now on.

  2. Why user is not getting a delayed response I have just sent/approved right away?
    This is noticeable, especially during the testing stage. Responses are not sent immediately. Once the user becomes inactive it may take a few minutes (up to 20) of idle time for the chatbot to send a delayed response. It was done so to not interrupt the user’s actual interaction with the chatbot - we wait first until the conversation ends and send the response only then.

If after 30 minutes of idle time you still have not received a message from our dashboard please inform your account manager!