FAQ Dataset

Your FAQ Dataset is the base for answering your user´s questions. The dataset is divided into categories with unique answers and a set of questions attached to it.


Screenshot of a dashboard with pre-filled Starter Set categories.

To help you with this important step we have pre-filled your account with a Starter Set. It is a collection of more than 3.000 HR-related questions in 68 categories. These categories were build to reflect patterns in 130,000 questions asked by real candidates. The Starter Set has been anonymized and is available in English and German. You can read more about how this process looked like here.

You will need to take a look at this Starter Set and adjust it for your specific needs. Please consider:

  • Which categories are not suited for your company? 

  • Which categories might be missing but are important for your company? 

You can simply go to the Category view in your jobpal dashboard and see the whole Starter Set. Go through all categories and evaluate if they are useful for your case or not. If not, simply delete the category. If you feel that some common topics, that are unique to your business, are missing, you can add them with the blue New Category button. You will be able to find those topics usually in your current FAQ page, user-facing inbox, previous chat solutions, phone logs, social media channels (e.g., Facebook Career Page) and so on. It helps to involve the department(s) which already are dealing with answering user queries on a daily basis.

For the categories that you have decided to keep, please do not forget to add your answers since the Starter Set has only placeholders.

This is how the process usually looks like:

  1. You will get access to your account in jobpal’s dashboard with Starter Set, in a selected language,  already in it.

  2. Adjust the Starter Set:

    1. Delete not relevant categories.

    2. Add your own categories with answers and at least 15 questions. Read more about how to create good categories here.

  3. Replace placeholder answers in Starter Set categories.

  4. Data Review (dataset performance check performed by jobpal).

  5. Data Review implementation (depending on the support level, done by jobpal, or your team).

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