Additionally to finding jobs by starting the job discovery flow from the main menu, users can reach that flow by asking if jobs are available in the form of a question in the FAQ flow, like in the example below:

Our NLP engine will recognize this query as a Find Job intent, and extract the entities in this phrase as well (profession: Marketing, location: Berlin). You can read more about how our intent recognition works here.

When that intent is recognized, the chatbot will ask for confirmation to make sure that the user wants to trigger the job discovery flow. 

If the user chooses No, provide answer, the chatbot will start looking for a response to that request in your FAQ Dataset. In the case they choose Yes, search for job, the job discovery flow will start. If there are available jobs for that job type and location, the chatbot will ask the user only the remaining questions from that flow (in this example, if the query is “I want a Marketing job in Berlin”, the user would not be asked about the city or profession again because they have already specified that).

Just like when the user is going through the regular job discovery flow, the chatbot will show suitable job openings in a carousel.

In the case there are no available jobs matching the user’s query, the chatbot will give the user a chance to subscribe to future jobs matching those criteria (if the subscription feature is enabled).