ATS integrations: jobfeed and applications

Through ATS Integrations we are able to connect your jobfeed to the chatbot and display all your job offers in the job discovery. Chatbot can also, with our job search function in the FAQ, easily recognize queries like “I want a marketing job in Berlin” in your jobfeed and display jobs that the candidate is asking about thanks to our in-house state-of-the-art NLP engine. If you decide to create an application experience in the chatbot you can also send those applications into your system to make the chatbot a great new channel that will not change the way recruiters are processing the applications.

Currently, jobpal is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, Smartrecruiters and Workday. We have also built custom integrations with Taleo, Avature and other ATS providers. You can ask our team for more details.

Jobfeed: filtering and mapping

In the case that your jobfeed has to be filtered (for example - if you wish to show only jobs based in Germany or full-time positions only) make sure that all jobs have the necessary field  (so, following our example, Country or Job Type should be present for all jobs). This active connection allows us to get the most up to date list of your jobs and display only relevant and still active postings to your candidates.
When you create a job discovery experience for your candidates you can also map jobs into clusters or rename them to make sure that experience in the chatbot is user-friendly.  You can find out more about mapping and filtering abilities from our team. 


While creating an application process in the chatbot keep in mind that some fields may be mandatory for your ATS to pass the application properly like name, last name and e-mail of the candidate. Make sure that all mandatory fields receive their questions in the application process and if necessary, also have proper validations (especially if a certain format is required by the ATS). A good practice is to connect our staging chatbot to your staging ATS environment to test this connection and make sure all applications are passed without a glitch.

If you decide to use prescreening questions in the chatbot, make sure that your ATS has space (can be summary or notes section of the applicant profile) where we can transfer them with the answers.