The jobpal dashboard is the central monitoring and management interface.

The dashboard has two main purposes:

Getting access to the dashboard

Your company’s first dashboard account is set up by jobpal.

Further accounts can be created either by a person who already has access to your company’s jobpal dashboard or upon request by jobpal. 

Holders of the new accounts will undergo a short registration process (setting password, enabling 2FA).

Logging in to the dashboard

You can access the dashboard by navigating to

If 2FA is enabled on your account, you’ll need your mobile device with a 2FA authenticator app to enter the dashboard.

If you can’t login in to the dashboard, please try to use the “forgot password” feature on the login page, or contact your jobpal account manager.

Components of the dashboard

Items in the left side menu

You can navigate across the dashboard’s main pages by choosing an item from the left side menu.

Please note: your actual menu items might differ from the ones shown based on your package-specific access rights.

Main pages of the dashboard:

Items in the personal menu

You can find your personal menu in the top right section of the dashboard.

Items in the hamburger menu

The hamburger menu is in the top right corner.